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Earth 37

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Earth 37

This was an info sheet I put together for a super-hero game I ran using the Anyworlds system in the late 90s or early 2000s. The plan was to run the Biblical Apocalypse disguised as a super-hero game, with the Four Horsemen and similar characters as super-villains and all the signs of the Apocalypse disguised as normal stuff that happens in comic books.

Unfortunately, the game only ran a few sessions, but the completely incompetent characters that the players came up with did help to inspire All-Stars. They worked out of a storage space, had a beeper as their "Crime Hotline" and kept the name "Dynamic Trio" even after adding a fourth member because they'd already printed the business cards.  Even though Paradigm City was originally intended to be slightly more serious, I ended up using the name and a few of the characters her in All-Stars. There's also an early version of Six Gun Saunders (with a different first name) from QAGS 2E described here. 

This is basically just a very short timeline and a list of NPCs, but you might be able to use some of them in a super-hero game. 

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