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Other Sites Where I’ve Written

  • HubPages
  • Bazooka Magazine: Bazooka’s website is no longer around, but a lot of the articles I wrote for the magazine were posted to Goat Head Gumbo as well.


Sites I Built

Other than this one, obviously.

  • Hex GamesThe official home page of Hex Games. I recently re-designed the site. which runs on Joomla. I created most of the site graphics using elements from our product covers and occasionally interior art.
  • Death CookieHex Games’ long-running and frequently rebooted online gaming magazine. This site is also built with Joomla.
  • Brainfart Press: Brainfart Press is my company for non-RPG-related books. Site built with WordPress.
  • Fuqit GamesFuqit Games makes free RPGs using the QAGS system. The site was built using GetSimple.
  • HobomancerA static page that serves as a gateway to the Hex Games website.
  • Kick Monster ButtThe web site for M-Force, Hex Games’ RPG about modern-day monster hunters. Uses Joomla.
  • Paducah Promotions: A website I built for a local concert promoter using Joomla.
  • ANkST & ANkHSANkST & ANkHS is an imaginary band that Leighton Connor and I made up years ago. It’s written in pure HTML and looks like a crappy angelfire site on purpose.
  • Sir Sir MixalotAnother GetSimple site that I made because this domain name will be worth a fortune as soon as Sir Mixalot gets his knighthood.
  • MC Skat KatTechnically just a page on this site, but I couldn’t believe the domain was available, so I bought it.


Scripts I Wrote


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