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  • hellbenders

    Review: Hellbenders

    Hellbenders is the story of the Augustine Interfaith Order of Hellbound Saints, which is basically the nuclear option for getting rid of demons. The idea is that when exorcism and other demon-banishing tricks just won’t work, a hellbound saint will allow himself to get possessed and then commit suicide, dragging… more>>

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  • Vacation_poster

    Review: Vacation

    I’ve always thought of the first half of the 80s as sort of a golden age of comedy film: the Not Ready For Primetime Players were branching out into movie careers, guys like Lands, Reitman, and Ramis were really figuring out what they were doing behind the camera, and the… more>>

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  • Love-Mercy_poster_goldposter_com_4

    Review: Love & Mercy

    I have a confession to make: I’ve never listened to Pet Sounds. At least not as an album; Looking over the track list, I have heard a lot of the songs, and a couple of them would be at the top of my list if somebody asked me to name… more>>

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  • wolfpack_xxlg

    Review: The Wolfpack

    The Wolfpack is clearly intended as one of those “reality is stranger than fiction” documentaries, but I don’t really buy it. The movie tells the story of the six Angulo brothers (Bhagavan, Govidnda, Jagadisa, Krsna, Mukunda, and Narayana), who live with their mother, father, and sister in a 4-bedroom apartment… more>>

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  • Genisys

    Review: Terminator Genisys (It’s Complicated)

    There are some movies that you don’t necessarily want to see, but you have to see. This is especially true of sequels. I saw the third Batman movie mostly out of curiosity. I saw the third Hobbit movie because not seeing it would be like quitting a race in view… more>>

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