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  • slow-west

    Review: Slow West

    In Slow West, a young Scottish nobleman named Jay Cavendish travels to America to find his lost love (in his mind, at least), a commoner named Rose. The story starts in Colorado, where a tough guy named Silas (Michael Fassbender in Eastwood mode) basically strong-arms Jay into hiring him as… more>>

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  • SanAndreas

    Review: San Andreas

    When I checked the movie listings yesterday, there were three possibilities. I threw out Poltergeist pretty quickly because horror reboots rarely live up to the originals, there’s absolutely no need to remake Poltergeist, and so far the best reason I’ve seen for rebooting Tobe Hooper movies is Jessica Biel’s tank… more>>

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  • mad-max-fury-road

    Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

    I remember enjoying the Mad Max movies, but am not exactly a rabid fan. In fact, I’m not sure if I’ve even seen them since high school. If I did watch them in the last 20 years or so, I must have been drinking because I don’t remember much about… more>>


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"The success of most Hollywood films these days is down to fact that they're comforting. They tie things up in nice little bows and give you answers, even if the answers are stupid, you go home and you don't have to think about it."--Terry Gilliam

Updated: August 22, 2014 — 11:32 pm

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