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    Movie Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Before I start the review, I want to thank Josh Burnett, Leighton Connor, Jeffrey Johnson, and Carter Newton. We discussed the movie during the monthly Hex Games Skype meet-up last night, and during the discussion they said some of the things I wanted to say in this review much better… more>>

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  • CoverWeb

    New Book: So You’ve Decided To Run A Role-Playing Game

    Brainfart Press has just released So You’ve Decided to Run a Role-Playing Game, a guide for aspiring GMs written by Steve Johnson. While the book is geared toward first-time Game Masters, it contains a lot of practical advice and helpful tips that even veteran Game Masters are likely to find… more>>

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  • cs6rp-zusaaospa

    Movie Review: Krampus

    This review contains some spoilers, but that probably doesn’t matter because I doubt you’ll want to see the movie by the time we’re done. Krampus starts out looking like a standard Christmas movie with Adam Scott and Toni Collette’s family getting ready for the arrival of Collette’s sister, her Cousin… more>>

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  • DispatchesCover

    New From Brainfart Press: Dispatches From The MGT.

    My newest book from Brainfart Press is on sale now! The true purpose of management is a mystery. As far as most American workers can tell, their primary function is making signs. The value of these signs to the continued operation and profitability of the company, much like the value… more>>

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