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  • SMSM500

    Self-Made Space Marine Now Available In Print

    FuQit Games‘ science fiction parody RPG Self-Made Space Marine is no available as a print book through CreateSpace. May the blessings of Great Zeenu be upon you. Join the Galactic Space Marines today! Self-Made Space Marine is designed for use with the QAGS Second Edition rules. It includes background on… more>>

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  • hauntedhouse

    New Site!

    Just finished completely rebuilding the site. Look around. There’s new stuff here. When I get time, I’ll probably post some of the old articles that don’t have a home anywhere else on the internet. I’m going to back-date them so they won’t bury new content, so anything that shows up… more>>

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  • AlmostFamous

    Review: Almost Famous

    Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous, has something for everyone. It’s about a 15 year old boy with a very overprotective mother who goes on the road with a rock n’ roll band so he can write an article about them for Rolling Stone. In addition to the allure of the basic… more>>

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  • BuffettPirateLooks

    Review: A Pirate Looks At Fifty

    It spent about a year reading this book. It didn’t take me so long because I didn’t like the book, or because it’s long; it’s just the kind of book that you can read for a while, put down, and come back to weeks or months later. There’s no pressing… more>>

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"The Devourers want not only the patronage of all beings in all universes, but—doubtless because they are afraid someone will some day raise the ever-unpleasant question of the true worth of things—they want all their customers reduced to a state of slavish and submissive suggestibility, so that they are fit for nothing whatever but to gawk at and buy the trash the Devourers offer for sale."--Fritz Leiber

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